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LUPINS Immigration Success Stories ‘we are one of the best immigration solicitors in the UK’

LUPINS Solicitors took my case even though I new my case was hopeless,they gave me confidence in a time of my life when I have no where else to turn to. Took a case that know other law firm will touch and got the home office to listen. Not only did they get them to listen we got result based on compassionate grounds and today I consider Lupin Solicitors as an extended family because they treated me like one when I was in need.

I consider Lupins as extended family

When Mr Murati first came to see us he was in a desperate situation requiring a new kidney. His application for a residence card had been refused after his wife had temporarily stopped working so there was a risk he would not be on the NHS donor list.

EEA Residence granted after fresh application

Ms H instructed us to prepare her Entrepreneur Visa so that she could invest £200,000 in a fashion business to be established in the UK. With refusal rates on these applications standing at over 70% we were delighted to secure a successful outcome.

Entrepreneur Visa for Investment in a Fashion Business in the UK

Ms J was refused entry to the UK on her arrival at Heathrow Airport. There was confusion over whether she was in the UK for an internship.

Emergency Entry to UK Negotiated

Mr R’s parents after regularly visiting their sons over the years applied to live in the UK permanently.

UK Permanent Residency for Overseas Parents Achieved

Mr Shah originally approached us with the goal of ultimately settling in the UK with his wife and children.

Representative of an Overseas Business – Expanding Business to the UK

Mr R a former client came back to us for more help when he wished to apply for a Residence Card.

EEA Residence Card Success

Mr N called us just a few days before his interview for a Tier 1 Investor interview.

Another Successful Tier 1 Investor Application

Ms T’s marriage to an EEA national had broken down and she was at risk of losing her Job and potentially her career in the Finance Industry.

Permanent Residence following Relationship Breakdown Secured

Mr M, a Syrian national initially instructed us to assist with his Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa.

Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa – Successful Application to Arts Council

We advised Mr S, a Trust Administrator on the best way for him to apply for a UK Visa, and the financial information he would need to ensure the application’s success.

UK Visa for High-Net-Worth Individual

Mr B instructed us to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain on the basis of UK Ancestry.

Indefinite Leave to Remain on the basis of UK Ancestry

Mr M a national of Belize had no basis of staying in the UK other than on asylum and human rights grounds.

Human Rights Application Success

On the 23rd March the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom handed down a long anticipated decision questioning the legality of government secret policies on Detention.

LUPINS win key test case against the Home Office in the Supreme Court

Mr RE applied for an extension to his Tier 4 Student Visa. After the application was refused and facing the prospect of failing to qualify as an accountant he instructed us to prepare and represent him in his appeal.

Student Visa Extension Success

Mr F had been granted limited leave to enter the United Kingdom as a Tier 4 Student.

Leave Extended Following Marriage

“My life was really difficult to cope with from 2011. My solicitor made an immigration application to the Home Office in 2011 but they did not reply for years.”

Human Rights Application – 3 years waiting for a decision from the Home Office

Mr Hedayat came to Lupins Immigration Solicitors in London with a very complicated asylum matter which he had been struggling with for a long time.

Complex asylum case – Refusal overturned on appeal

Mr Allata had been detained after making his application for asylum. We were able to challenge the decision to detain him and secured his release.

Client released from detention

We submitted an application for Mr P to settle in the UK as he had completed 5 years continuous leave having been recognized as a refugee.

Indefinite leave – settlement granted

Mr Mukasa made various applications and extensions of his visa to remain in the United Kingdom.

Personal Immigration – Long Residence and Human Rights

We were approached by this client as he had overstayed his student visa for almost 2 years. He had in fact married in the time he was in the United Kingdom

Sudent who overstayed granted leave following successful Human Rights application

Ms Payvandeh-Zadeh approached Lupins as she wanted to be issued with her travel document after having undergone a rigorous battle with her immigration history.

Private Immigration – Applied for Travel Document Following Grant of Refugee Status

Chris Nsubuga’s 5 years leave as a refugee in the United Kingdom was expiring 1 month before he approached Lupins Immigration

Private Application to Settle in the United Kingdom as 5 years Refugee Leave was Expiring

Mr Bhuyan approached Lupins as the college he was enrolled with was suspended and he was issued with a curtailment letter requesting that he leaves the country.

Private Application for Extension of Tier 4 Student Visa

Mr E came to the UK as a baby on his mother’s passport. Subsequently she acquired British Citizenship, as did Mr E’s younger siblings.

Status Regularised and ILR Obtained Long residence

We acted for a young man facing permanent separation from his adopted family. We appealed on Human Rights grounds and also assisted in making a successful Tier 4 Student application.

Family Seperation Prevented

Two years ago we assisted Mr and Mrs M with their marriage visa application. When Mr A recently became eligible to apply for settlement (indefinite leave to remain) we were instructed and prepared the application with a successful outcome.

Settlement following Marriage Visa Success

Mr E sought our help, after his appeal, had been dismissed by the Upper Tribunal.

Dismissed by the Upper Tribunal

Mrs O came to us in a distressed state. She had over-stayed her visit visa a number of years ago and had become estranged from her husband.

Visa Overstay & Family Issues

Mrs N is a Ugandan national. She arrived in the UK in 2009, however she did not apply for asylum until after her brother was killed abroad in 2010. During this time her application to extend her student visa was being considered by the Home Office.

Overstayer and Asylum Application

We recently represented an Appellant at the First Tier Tribunal and successfully argued that the home office decision to refuse his asylum claim was not in accordance with the law as it was made on the basis of a substantive asylum interview conducted under the Detained Fast Track Process. We replied on Detention Action v SSHD [2014] EWHC 2245.

Unfair Consideration Under The Detained Fast Track Process

Mr M is a Bangladeshi national who arrived in the UK on 6 February 2010 in order to study in this country. During the course of his studies he decided to submit his own application for an Entrepreneur Visa as he wanted to start his own business in the UK. Unfortunately, this application was refused and his appeal dismissed.

Detained Due To Lack Of Immigration Status

The Client was represented by LUPINS for his asylum and human rights application whilst in Immigration detention at Harmondsworth Immigration removal Centre.The Client was represented by LUPINS for his asylum and human rights application whilst in Immigration detention at Harmondsworth Immigration removal Centre.

Detained Client Claiming Asylum under the Detained Fast Track Process

LUPINS were instructed by Mr G and his wife, both from Egypt, whilst both were detained at Yarls Wood IRC. They made an application for asylum on the grounds of their religion.

Case Not Suitable For Fast Track

LUPINS assisted a Sri Lankan national holder of limited leave to remain, which was due to expire within a month.

Sri Lankan National With EEA Partner But Limited Leave To Remain

The Client approached LUPINS in making an application for her mother to join her from Nigeria as her elderly adult dependant. The client’s mother was age over 65 and in a Wheel chair.

Immigration application as an elderly dependant

Mrs. A, a Nigerian national who entered the UK in 1998, had submitted an application for long residency based on the 14 years Rule in 2012.

Long Residency Appeal Success

I am very happy with the services I received at LUPINS. They have always helped me since I first arrived in the UK.

Application for Settlement granted within 3 months

Mr O instructed us to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain on the basis of spouse of a British Citizen and had concerns regarding a ‘caution’.

Application for Indefinite Leave to Remain – concerns regarding a ‘caution’

Mrs M tried to join her husband a British national in the UK. They prepared their initial visa application themselves.

Marriage visa combining sources of income

The Client approached our firm for assistance when his parents in Iraq, were refused their visitor visa.

Family Visitor Visas Previously Refused – Now Granted Following Fresh Application

Ms B was facing deportation. Her asylum and human rights claim was refused and certified with no right of appeal. We challenged this decision by Judicial Review and then appealed the decision to deport.

Client In Prison Facing Deportation – Granted Leave to Remain in UK

We submitted an application for further leave to remain as a Tier 4 (General) student.

Complicated Tier 4 Case

The Client wanted to be issued with her travel documents after having undergone a rigorous immigration history and was granted refugee status in the United Kingdom.

Travel Document

We took instructions from Ms N in 2007 as her further representations had been refused and she had pending removal directions to Uganda.

Refusal of a Fresh Claim and Facing Removal

We recently represented an Appellant at the First Tier Tribunal and successfully argued that the home office decision to refuse his asylum claim was not in accordance with the law as it was made on the basis of a substantive asylum interview conducted under the Detained Fast Track Process.

Unfair Consideration Under The Detained Fast Track Process

Some call us persuasive, we call ourselves commanding. Others call us dependable, we call ourselves LUPINS.

LUPINS Supporting you all the way

We will ensure that you have the correct documentation that proves you fulfil all the requirements of the immigration rules.

  • We will advise and assist you in completing the application forms
  • We will hold your hand throughout the application process
  • We will make detailed representations in support of the application setting out clearly why the application should succeed, highlighting the documentation we are submitting with reference to your specific circumstances and how this proves you meet all the requirements.

Put simply, our immigration solicitors will hold your hands throughout the process,
liaising with all relevant government bodies, including UK Visas and Immigration,
British Consulate, overseas agents and where necessary the courts.